Our Roots

Zangezur is one of the names of Syunik region of today’s Armenia. Sometimes Zangezur is called Sisiakan. The main part of Zangezur is composed of rocks, mountains and deep valleys, through which mining rivers are flowing. The largest river is Vorotan. The average height of Zangezur above sea level is 2.200m. The highest mountain peaks are Kaputjugh (3.904), Tsghuk (3.581), Mets Ishkhanasar (3,550) etc.


Historically the province of Zangezur or Syunik has been one of the 15 provinces of Mets Hayq. It has involved today’s Vayots Dzor, the greatest part of Nakhijevan, a part of Gegharkunik, the Western part of Artsakh and Syunik wholly.


 The most famous Armenian university – Gladzor, found in 13th century, has been situated in Zangezur. 

Famous pesrson from Zangezur



    Garegin Nzhdeh

Zangezur gave lots of famous heroes. One of them is Garegin Nzhdeh, who embodies the true patriot warrior of Armenian spirit and national and ideological struggle.
During 1918-1920, Syunik, as well as Nakhijevan and Artsakh, were a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In December 2, 1920, Turkey, which had captured the greatest part of Armenia, forced the Armenian government to sign the Aleksandrapol agreement, according to which Armenia was giving Syunik to Azerbaijan. But the Armenians living in Syunik, did not accept this agreement and went for an armed struggle with Garegin Nzdhdeh. In 1920, after the repressions of Bolshevik power, many Armenian officers and soldiers retreated to Zangezur and Mountainous Republic of Armenia was proclaimed, the prime minister of which Nzdhdeh was selected. 
Later, after the final approval of the Soviet regime, Nzdhdeh is passing through Persia with his whole group, and then goes to Bulgaria. During 1942-43, Nzdhdeh is cooperating with the investigation of Soviet Armenia, but in 1945 is being arrested, and then in 1946, sentenced to 25 years in exile with the charge of cooperating with German investigation. 
Nzdhdeh dies in 1955, in the jail of Vladimir. 

     Gusan Ashot

Another famous person from Zangezur is Gusan Ashot (Ashot Hayrapeti Dadalyan), who is one of the most famous minstrels of Soviet Armenia. Ashot was born in Goris. He was a shepherd. In his early ages he lost his mother. In 1921 he left for Baku, to his elder brother. Here he replaced the pastoral flute with kamancha. Ashot studied in banerit school of Baku.
In 1928 he returned to Zangezur and started to profess as a minstrel. In 1948 he left for Yerevan. Ashot had many concerts with his ensemble in Armenia, as well as out of its borders. His songs have been sung by many other singers. 


Old Zangezur Tavern

Tavern "Old Zangezur", founded in December 2013,  became a popular and pleasant place, not only for people from Zangezur, but also for the residents and guests of the capital. Our main goal was to unite people from Zangezur in Yerevan, as well as to restore the once-forgotten dishes and traditions Zangezur cuisine. Create a place in the spirit of Zangezur, where our residents and visitors can not only experience the real flavor of "Old Zangezur", but also taste the unique cuisine of Zangezur and, of course, the popular Armenian traditional dishes. Spend a good time for the songs Gusan Ashot and other well-known Armenian folk songs. Not by chance that every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Tavern Old Zangezur carried out so-called "National Evenings", which not only loved people from Zangezur, residents and guests of the capital.


There are also ventilated rooms in Old ZangezurIt’s possible to hold business meetings and parties with old friends there.


   Old Zangezur tavern also gives a great opportunity to companies, where corporative Holidays and parties are being organized.